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Acetaia Castelli produces traditional balsamic vinegar coming from the province of Reggio Emilia. Products are high quality without any use of chemical additives or artificial flavoring. 

Nero Castelli- Aged a minimum of 5 years.  Nero Castelli is intense and brown, slight natural viscosity, with an attractive acidic finish. Excellent for marinades, fish and game, emulsified salad dressings, and ideal for caprese salad with tomato and mozzarella. Wonderful well-balanced, young yet perfectly formed Balsamic Vinegar that can be enjoyed everyday.

Re Castelli- Aged a minimum of 8 years. Flavor balancing the natural sweet and sour elements of cooked grape, full-bodied and fruity, deep brown in color, it gives off a scent of wood from the casks. Delicious with risotti, beef fillet, scallops, seasoned cheese, berries, ice cream.

Dodici Castelli – Aged a minimum 12 years that has deep sweet flavor perfectly balanced, thick and armonius. No artificial ingredient is added to grape must, this is a genuine and natural aged gourmet balsamic vinegar, excellent on top of seasoned Parmesan cheese, filets, strawberries and ice cream. Perfect also as digestive. Supplied in a refined branded tube container.


Xtra Acetaia Castelli- Aged a minimum of 20 years in wooden barrels, Xtra Acetaia Castelli is prestigious and noble. Xtravecchio Castelli is made up of cooked must of specific grapes, aged in barrels of different woods such as oak, cherry, acacia and many others. Each wood releases its special hint to the balsamic, turning it into a delightful experience. Perfect on cheese like Parmesan, beef filetto, pumpkin ravioli, fruits such as strawberry and pears, and vanilla ice cream. Also great to use as a digestive after the meal. 


Acetaia Castelli has also crafted exceptional jams perfect for meats and cheeses. Currently available varieties include strawberries and balsamic and figs and balsamic. 

Products include: 

  • Nero Castelli 5 yrs 100 ml
  •  Re Castelli 8 yrs 100 ml
  •  12 Castelli 12 yrs 100 ml
  •  Xtra Castelli 20 yrs 50 ml
  •  Balsamic and Strawberry Jelly 
  •  Balsamic and Fig Jelly 


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