Region: Trentino
Trentinaceti is located in the Trentino region in the heart of the Dolomites. Since 1989, they have been making, with artisanal care, high quality vinegars and aromatized oils. .



Region: Veneto
Whether it is a simple gift or a moment of taste, Loison is always beside you. Whether it is the Panettone, Pandoro, Colomba or the biscotti. Loison is a third generation company now represented by Dario Loison and Sonia Pilla.


Riso Margherita

Region: Piemonte
Since 1904, Riso Margherita has produced stone milled rice on 300 hectares of cultivated land. From the field to the table, Riso Margherita follows their rice through all stages of production.


Region: Liguria
Since 1945 Olio Anfosso has been producing olive oil following the West Ligurian tradition. Olio Anfosso is a third generation company and houses the extra virgin olive oil with a “D.O.P Riviera Ligure-Riviera dei Fiori”


Region: Abruzzo
The Verrigni Company was founded in 1898 and is traditionally devoted to pasta. Verrigni is the only pasta company in the world to use gold to cut certain pasta shapes.


Region: Marche
Gardini was cultivated from their grandparents 1950’s bakery shop. In 1987 they moved from pastries to artisan-produced chocolate in small workshop in Forli.

Frantoio D’Orazio

Region: Puglia
Third generation company located in Puglia. Continuous research on raw materials, enhancement of the locally harvested olive varieties and the fancy dress inspired by the local floor tiles shaped a treasure chest preserving His Majesty, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Region: Emilia Romagna
Acetaia Castelli is a third generation balsamic vinegar company located in a sunny village in Reggio Emilia. Their philosophy is the same; their products are made with only cooked grape must; sometimes together with wine vinegar, all from their vineyards. No external sources or additives are used.


Azienda Agricola Monte Monaco

Region: Marche
Pasta made with 100% organic legume flour. The farm is located inside a National Park of a small mountain town in the Marche region.

Caffe Del Doge

Region: Veneto
Venetian coffee roasting famous worldwide for delicious blends. Founded in 1952, the roasting plant soon became a hot spot for hundreds of cafes ad shops in Venice for fresh roasted coffee.



Region: Sicilia
Tùdia is located in the hilly area of Madonie, in the heart of Sicily. Since 1964 they have been dedicated with passion to traditional cereal and vegetable crops.



Region: Sicilia
Caffe Geraci is a quality blend of arabica and robusta beans perfectly balanced. Their coffee expertise is produced according to traditional methods in San Giuseppe, Sicily. 

Olio Tre Casi

Region: Sicilia
The La Plena, Giaimo, and Zito families have made olive oil in the mountains for Madonie, Sicily for centuries. Olio Tre Casi is made from the rare U Crastu olive, which only grows on the cliffs of Madonie.