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Gardini Artisanal Chocolate – Handcrafted chocolate  

This all happened in the late 50’s, when our grand-parents Filippo and Mentana opened a bakery shop. In 1965, Maria, the daughter, and her husband Gastone decided to carry on the bakery activity, dedicating themselves to pastries production, which gave them great satisfaction. As a result, in 1976 they gave birth to the famous pastry shop “Pasticceria Le Perle”, situated in Lido di Spina (FE) and still representing the favourite destination of many gourmands coming from all over Emilia Romagna.

The sweet smell of bread, croissants and creams accompanied our childhood and adolescence. After finishing our studies, the traditional family passion got the upper hand and in 1987 we started our activity in a small workshop in Forlì, where our adventure in the fascinating world of chocolate began. We decided to call our company “L’ARTIGIANO” (The Artisan), because this was the way we wanted to introduce ourselves on the market.

During these years, the company has considerably grown and our artisanal products are now present in many specialised shops, not only in Italy, but also in Europe and United States. Our passion is always the same and it has increased along with the passing of the time. We studied chocolate, we tasted and moulded it, creating unique forms and incomparable flavours.

Still now, we play an active part in the production, helped by our skilful collaborators, but what we love most is to experience, research, amaze with original combinations and offer profound new emotions.

Our map is the experience, our compass is the quality, which we pursue by carefully selecting the best provenance of cocoa, employing exclusively Italian dried fruit and choosing excellent regional wine and food products.

Only in this way, we can offer artisanal chocolate, with a unique hearth, essence and incomparable personality.

In our showroom, situated next to the workshop, it is possible to go through a complete experience, watching the images of production, consulting some texts, but in particular tasting our chocolate.

This is the magic and wonderful world of GARDINI CHOCOLATE.

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