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These days nothing is left to chance at Tenuta Margherita... 

All the machines used in the production process are the most modern tools available in terms of technology even t-hough it is important though to remember that this innovation would be useless without the experience and tradition that has been handed down for more than a century. 

Until the first half of the last century paddy-fields were run by "mondine", i.e. rice weeders whose task was removing weeds: they were more than 50 at Tenuta Margherita! 

Nowadays, our family carries out all the phases of cultivation, from the preparation of the ground (in February) by means laser instruments, to seeding (end of April) with satellite-controlled devices up to harvesting (in September) carried out through stateof- the-art combine harvesters. 

The paddy rice is then taken to the company and put into rice dryers for dehumidification. 
After having let it "rest" for around 45 days in silos, the paddy rice is ready for being "processed" gradually in the internal rice mill with "bleaching stones". 

This last phase is extremely delicate, as it adds a personal touch to the end of the process, in order to obtain a "unique", very high quality variety of rice.

Lastly, the rice can be: vacuum packed, packaged in a protective atmosphere, big bags etc. in order to meet any requirements.